Dirk I. Tiede was born in California in 1975. He spent his childhood watching cartoons and drawing in Houston, Texas, later ending up in the St. Louis area, where he wrote and drew many, many comics before graduating high school.

After studying commercial art and multimedia design at Millikin University, he started his professional career in Chicago, where he worked as a web designer, freelance illustrator, animator, and game developer. He began Paradigm Shift as an online experiment in his free time in 1999 and went on to publish three books and co-found the comics site ModernTales.com.

His work has been featured in numerous books on digital art, webcomics, and how-to books on comic creation. His books also saw a cameo on season one of NBC’s Heroes.

Dirk lives in the Boston area, where he works as a professional artist. You can find more of his work at www.dirktiede.com.

He can be reached at [email protected].